Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is the most popular and often player game among the gamblers from all over the world. It has many variations and winning probabilities, that's why its popularity grows each year from one online casino to the other.

Card Values

Each game has the particular card values and the blackjack game isn't an exception. They are the following:

An Ace - counts as 1 or 11, depending on players choice.

Face Cards (Jack, Queen, King) - are counted as 10 points.

2s-10s - are counted according to their value.

Online Blackjack Game Round

1st step - the players place their wagers on the table.

2nd step - the dealer distributes two cards to each player and gives two cards himself (players cards are face up and one of the banker's cards is face down).

3rd step - the cards are distributed in the clockwise turn beginning from the first gambler to the dealer's left and the decisions are made in the same way.

4th step - it is the high time for layers to choose between Hitting and Standing.

5th step - the detection of the winner and distributing of the wagers.

Blackjack Players Main Options

  • Hit - asking for one more additional card, if the score doesn't satisfies the player.
  • Stand - the option of staying with your result, in the player considers his/her score enough for winning.
  • Double Down - the possibility do double the amount of the initial bet. If the player sees that his/her hand is quite successful it is possible to ask for this option, but after this it is allowed to take only one additional card.
  • Splitting - the process of division the two first paired cards. After the splitting the gambler plays these cards as separate hands and place on them equal wagers. The blackjack basic strategy recommends splitting Aces and 8s always.
  • Surrender - the player's giving up, if he/she thinks that the hand of two cards isn't enough for winning.
  • Bust - it is the option of excess.

Blackjack Bad Strategies

  • Don't ever bust.
  • Mimic the banker.
  • Assuming a 10 in the hole.