Slot Types

The slot machines are quite advanced today and a lot of renovations have been made on that. We are taking you to a brief about many types of games of slots to for helping you to enjoy the game.

Multipliers and Bonus:

Multiplier slots are the kind of slot games that award the players who bet more credits in each game. It means that if you bet two credits then you might be getting 20 and if you bet three credits then you might get 30 credits and so on. The function of bonus multiplier is great too. If you bet maximum credits in a table then you will receive the bonus.

Multiple Payline Slots:

Today most of the slot games offer multiple payline but if we look at past then we can see that most slots games offered a single payline only. In most of the slots games you do not need to play all paylines. If you want to activate then you have to bet additional credits. If the combination which is included on the table hits any of the paylines then the machine will pay. One thing you should put in mind that you should activate a payline to get paid for that.

Buy a Pay slots:

In these types of games, you are required to match certain symbols in order to win. The symbols might be cherries, gold bars, etc. If you play with one credit, the slot machine only uses one symbol. You can bet 3 credits at most and the game can involve maximum 3 symbols. You should opt for this type of a game only if you want to go for all the three symbols.

Progressive slots:

This type of slot games involves different payout tables. Each table has a different pay. But, there is a jackpot too that involves all the different tables. For the jackpot, a certain segment of the amount that each player bets is used in a single pool. The various machines can either function independently, or, under one arrangement. You can end up winning huge amounts of money, even hundreds and thousands of Dollars, if you hit the jackpot of these games.

Real Series Slots:

The company, Real Time Gaming created this type of slot games. These are very attractive and look vibrant visually. These have a lot of bonuses and you can even go for free spinning options. Also, the lowest bet that you can place in these games is as low as $ 0.10, thus, these games are extremely economical too.


These slots have taken slot games to the next level and are based online. These games incorporate different storylines into the games. The narratives proceed as you go forward with the game. This makes the whole gaming experience more interesting.