Online Slots

The online slots games are the most popular in the Internet and land based casinos. They give gamblers the chances to become very wealthy and very fast with a small wager.

Slots Game Objective

The main objective of the game is to spin the reel and wait until the winning line combination of symbols will appear on the display. The various symbols are paid different amounts of money. You can find out the payout of the symbols, reading the information on the pay table of the slot, as they are different in types of slots games.

Slots Online Game Basic Information

The game itself is a play of chance. The procedure is very simple:

  • The player puts his/her money into the box inside the machine.
  • He/she pushes the button.
  • He/she watches how the reel spins and stops.
  • The result is obvious - the player either won, or lost.
  • The money is paid to the winner.

Playing slots game is much easier than playing blackjack or video poker, for example, as these games require the knowledge of the basic strategy and math skills. The payout percentages of many slot machines are about 95-99%.

Basic Elements of Slots Online

  • Pay lines and Reels. The reels are spinning and contain symbols on them. Pay lines show the number of lines, which you can put wagers on. Most slot machines offer 1 or 3, or 5, or 9 pay lines, but the amount sometimes can reach up to the 21 pay lines.
  • Pay Table. It is the information table, which tells what symbol combinations must appear on the display to win the coins and indicates the amount of these coins. The pay table is shown on the playing interface or in the 2nd screen.
  • Coin Selector gives players the opportunity to choose the coins denominations. They can be:




A great amount of online slots offer the gamblers special promotions, such as Bonus Round and Free Spins, which increase the excitement towards online slots games.

If you decided to play slots right now, choose the online casino with a big selection of the game varieties.