Online Roulette

No doubt, that the roulette is the most popular and exciting casino game. The casino table with the wheel is always placed in the center of the casino establishment and it gathers a great amount of people around itself. The term "roulette" in the translation from French language means the "small wheel". At first there were 36 compartments on the roulette wheel. But the new strategies and playing techniques were invented and there appeared two main roulette variations:

  • European Roulette (French Roulette) is the oldest game variation, as the classical roulette considered to be too simple for winning to the wheel was added one more compartment - single zero. So the second name of this game variation is the Single Zero Roulette.
  • American Roulette appeared in the USA, where the game popularity was very high and house edge very low. So it was decided to add one more slot - double zero, and the game received one more name - Double Zero Roulette.

Online roulette becomes more and more popular each day. There is a great variety of different roulette systems, winning tips and peculiar odds in the Internet. They can give you very useful piece of advice, but won't help to win in the casino all the time.

Online Roulette Rules

  • At first the players place their bets on any numbers or colors.
  • After the dealer announces that the wagers are not received, the gamblers stop betting.
  • After this the banker spins the wheel and the ball.
  • After the ball stops, the results are obvious and the winner is defined.

Types of Roulette Bets

  • Even Bets - red/black, even/odd.
  • Dozens - 1-12, 13-24, 25-36.
  • Columns - 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
  • Numbers - any number.
  • Splits - between two next numbers.
  • Streets - lines of three numbers.
  • Corners - 4-number corner.
  • Six Lines - lines of three numbers.