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For players who want to play free roulette online for getting a firsthand experience of the game, you have come up to the right place. Our website features some of the best places where you can try a game of roulette en ligne before wagering on real money tables. As most of you must know, the roulette game is categorized into two variants. European Roulette and American roulette. Both of these differ from each other, but their basic principle of the game remains the same. In American variant, you can find 2 slots numbered zero, and in the European roulette, there is only one pocket which is numbered 0. So, this goes without saying that the American variant has significantly higher house edge than its European counterpart which has a house edge of 2.7%.

There are total 37 pockets in a European roulette, and in American variant, the number is 37. One more variant that you might have heard of is the French Roulette. This game is hugely similar to the European roulette and is played by using La Partage rule. We have covered the French roulette table in detail, where you can find out about the rules, betting options and tips to play on French roulette tables.

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While you might find yourself limited in terms of roulette games when you try to play on a land-based casino, but when you try it online, there are many options to play free roulette online, as well as a wager on real money tables. Online casinos offer a wide range of variants and tables for roulette. These have different bet limits and betting combinations. You can find a variety of games by the leading software developers. We have explored the depths of the internet and have chosen 5 best roulette tables for you in order to help you get started with only the best roulette experience.

We believe that NetEnt's European Roulette is one of the best tables available online. It is designed using immersive graphics and sounds. The game welcomes players with vivid animations and a colorful interface which is sure to keep you immersed in the game for quite a while. This roulette is also available on your mobile phones, so you can even enjoy it on the go. It also has a substantial payout.

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Our second spot goes to Premium Roulette developed by Playtech. It allows a large bet limit of 1000 pounds. Microgaming takes the third rank with its European Roulette gold series.

888 casino comes at the 4th place with its Dragonfish powered roulette wheel. The fifth rank is given to Euro Roulette by Amaya which features one of the best design and graphics you can find anywhere. Play Roulette online and check top casino games!